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Re: Compiling the current source code

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Hi Alan,

On 7 Aug 2008, at 18:51, Alan Barrett wrote:

On Thu, 07 Aug 2008, Erik Bertelsen wrote:
After your changes to in rev. 1.191 of Aug 5th it appears
that it is now mandatory to use -O or -M with

Yes, but only if can't guess where you want the object
directory to be.

I feel much more comfortable having set the paths to the source and
object directories in /etc/mk.conf rather than specifying them in each
call to

Setting it in make.conf not supposed to be possible. make(1) internally
decides which object directory to use before it reads /etc/mk.conf.

My question really is whether it is intentional that using BSDOBJDIR
and BSDSRCDIR in /etc/mk.conf has stopped working ?

No, that was not intentional.  Are you sure that it worked before?

I'm seeing the same thing and I'm 100% sure it used to work. I don't use mk.conf, I source a prep script where I define BSDOBJDIR et al as functions of arch and date. I also "mkdir -p $BSDOBJDIR [et al]".

This no longer works.

What do you get from (cd ${SRCDIR}; make -V __usrobjdir; make -V _SRC_TOP_),

and is your source in /usr/src or not?

alenny:current/src#(echo ${SRCDIR}; make -V __usrobjdir; make -V _SRC_TOP_)



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