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Re: Compiling the current source code

> From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
> > > BSDOBJDIR /usr/obj does not exist, bailing...
> > 
> > An obj dir must exist. As you have not specified one, it assumes /usr/obj. 
> > Create /usr/obj or specify a different directory on the command 
> > line.
> It should create it as needed. It doesn't fail because the tools directory 
> or destdir doesn't exist -- it created them as needed.
> I received the same problem a couple days ago:
> time ./ -u -U distribution
> resulted in:
> ERROR: Failed to make obj in tools
> so added -O ./obj
> I think this should be handled automatically
> since BUILDING example doesn't show that
OK, that seems to have fixed my problem, it's humming along now. It couldn't 
to at least mention creating this folder on the guide. Thank you for the 


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