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Re: Strange behaviour on 4.99.53

On Sun, 10 Feb 2008, Alan Barrett wrote:

On Fri, 08 Feb 2008, Paul Goyette wrote:
I've actually been seeing this for a while - at least since 4.99.39 ...

Occassionally it seems that disk I/O activity just stalls.

Does it eventualy come right again?  Perhaps I should be more patient.
What I have seen is that all disk accesses appear to hang forever (but
maybe it's only "a long time", not "forever", see "be more patient"

Well, in my case things eventually get back to normal. The "kill -HUP" I was running just sat there for about 10 or 12 minutes before telling me that the PID didn't exist. When dump(8) has the problem, it slows down to an absolute crawl (a 20GB partition takes 10 to 14 hours to run). Funny thing is it seems to probably affect only a single file system, since I can still start new xterms and do "other stuff". Like when dump is stalled, I can still read my home directory - just not any thing on the fs being dumped.

 the mouse pointer still moves in X, but trying to raise a window
that was not at the top fails, pressing enter in a shell that's already
running prints the prompt again, pressing alt-control-F<n> to switch
virtual consoles works when switching to a text console, but trying to
get back to the virtual console where X is running fails (I see a blank
text screen with a flashing hardware cursor), pressing the power button
for a short time doesn't do anything noticeable (it's supposed to make
powerd run a script that does an ACPI shutdown); I have to press the
power button for a long time to turn power off.

(I am running 4.99.49 now, but I have seen this behaviour for some time
-- OK in 4.88.38, I am not sure about 4.99.42, and bad in 4.99.48.)

I've been seeing it since around 4.99.45.

--apb (Alan Barrett)


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