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Re: ntpd -q and ntpdate retirement

Alan Barrett wrote:
On Fri, 08 Feb 2008, Sarton O'Brien wrote:
Without ['tos minsane 1'] 'ntpd -q' will fail to set the clock with a
server listing of less than two as it seems the NetBSD default is 'tos
minsane 2'.

With the docs currently stating that ntpdate is to be retired,
attempting to use 'ntpd -q' as an alternative had me stumped for waaay
too long :)

The default ntp.conf supplied with NetBSD lists three servers, as well
as "tos minsane 2".  Did you reduce the number of servers without also
changing the minsane value?  If so, what changes in the documentation,
or in comments in the supplied ntp.conf file, would have saved you from
that error?

--apb (Alan Barrett)
Sorry, I don't mean to imply the documentation for ntp as such is incomplete, it's more the statement that ntpdate is to be retired without a functional example of equivelent use, in that, ntpdate will use a single server and ntp won't ... and it won't generate an error to explain why.

My perspective was more from somebody new attempting to use ntpd as the alternative to ntpdate.

Like I said though, just a thought.


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