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Strange behaviour on 4.99.53

I've actually been seeing this for a while - at least since 4.99.39 ...

Occassionally it seems that disk I/O activity just stalls. currently I've got a dump(8) running on the filesystem that contains /usr/src and /usr/obj . The dump has been running for more than 5 hours now, and it making extremely slow progress. Sometimes the dump takes 9 or 10 hours before it finishes! The hard drive activity light blinks about once a second - it should be on solid, since the machine is doing nothing else.

The dump is running under control of /usr/pkg/sysutils/amanda but I don't think amanda has anything to do with the problem. The dump command is being piped to gzip(1) and the gzip output is directed to a network socket (amanda's 'dumper' is on the other end of the socket and writing things to a disk file on a different physical drive).

I've seen similar "stalls" when gzip is trying to uncompress a file located on an NFS-mounted file system.

And recently (since installing 4.99.53 yesterday) I'm occassionally seeing long waits for pine to access my mailbox - up to 1 minute or more in one case.

Has anyone else seen similar behavior? Any clues on how to track down the cause of this slowness?

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