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Re: Printing question

In article <>,
Paul Goyette  <> wrote:
>So, I finally got around to opening and installing the new HP DeskJet 
>6940 that I got for Christmas.  Now I gotta figure out how to make it 
>work with NetBSD.
>I've installed it, and connected it to my Ethernet network.  It's found 
>an IP address, and it's reachable.  But, it seems that it doesn't talk 
>any reasonable Un*x protocol!
>A tcpdump shows that it keeps sending multicast UDP messages to 
> UDP port ssdp (1900?).  I connected to it's web-based 
>configuration screen, and there don't seem to be any interesting options 
>such as enabling lpr/lpd.  It only seems to know about something called 
>mDNS and UPnP, whatever those are.  :)
>Anyone got any clues on how I can get this set up to print from NetBSD?

It should talk to 9100.

Install foomatic and put something like:

        :af=/usr/pkg/share/foomatic/ppd/HP/HP-OfficeJet_G95-hpijs.ppd: \
        :if=/usr/pkg/bin/foomatic-rip: \\



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