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Re: should we get rid of xf86-video-nv?


On Fri, 12 Nov 2021 13:08:31 +0000
nia <> wrote:

> While meandering around the internet I discovered that NVIDIA's
> opinion is that it's not any more useful than xf86-video-vesa:
> We use nouveau on x86 and arm and gffb on macppc, does that leave
> anything covered by xf86-video-nv but not covered by the kernel?
> Alpha maybe?

How exactly would gffb get you accelerated X? It's a simple console
driver that can't even program video modes, it just uses the blitter to
draw things faster on some chips.
As long as we don't have drm on macppc, and we probably never will,
xf86-video-nv remains useful, in all its obfuscated, magic number
ridden glory.

have fun

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