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Re: no keyboard input visible with xsrc X11 on i386 -current?

>> The xkb complaints seem like an obvious cause for problems, but it
>> isn't clear to me how to fix it,

Unless you actually need xkb-based functionality, you might consider
disabling xkb at server start time.  That's what I've usually ended up
doing...though admittedly I live in a mostly-ASCII world.  (I've so far
never found decent documentation on xkb, though admittedly I never
tried all that hard, because simply disabling it was easier and got me
to where I could fix up the rest with good old xmodmap.)

> I wonder if you could add mappings via xmodmap after X has started...

If that's what's the matter, that may well help.  I didn't get the
original message (my logs, if I've got the right log entries, say it
was marked as being in US-ASCII but contained non-ASCII text), but it
sounds as though xev is seeing keystrokes but something else isn't, in
which case I agree with magetoo's suggestions.

> (and what xmodmap -pk says, for that matter)

That too.

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