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Re: After update, !X. Reinstalled backup: still !X. Argh!

On Mon Oct 25 2010 at 18:48:12 -0400, Martin S. Weber wrote:
> What hell have I maneuvered myself into?
> I have updated from NetBSD 5.1RC2 and pkgsrc modular-xorg-server
> (and actually all of my pkgsrc packages) from pkgsrc-2010Q2 to
> NetBSD 5.1RC4 and recent pkgsrc off the 2010Q3 branch.

From your description it doesn't really sound like pkg/43493, but maybe
you want to make extra-sure you're not having those problems in case
you run out of ideas.

> After the update, X won't start. It seems the BusID addressing
> scheme changed, so I updated the BusIDs. Now X will only give me
> a black screen, the computer eventually starts beeping, and I can't
> switch vts (never could though, this is with the nv driver).

I've always been able to switch vt's with nv X driver.

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