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re: prep (and bebox) xserver support

> Hi! all,
> I supported xserver for bebox and prep of last year.  It is very old
> though this exists as a patch now.
> And, I am trying the build of xserver again at present for bebox and
> prep at current.
> Some problems exist though I think that I want to merge these.  I do
> not know the operational rule of xsrc at all.  Who can advise me?
> 1. Some PReP mounts S3 864 onboard with GENDAC.
>    In a word, s3_GENDAC.c is necessary. I take the source from old
>    xfree86.  Do we mentenance this implementing only by us? Or, is it
>    asked for to Xorg for merging, and is it taken?

please feel free to port any missing support from xfree-based
xsrc to xorg-based xsrc.  there is a lot of code that only
exists in netbsd xsrc/xfree, and porting it forward is always
highly appreciated.

> 2. Present S3Probe seems not to operate correctly.  Should I repair
>    S3PciChipsets?  Or, should I implement PciProbe()?
>    And, should I manage the correction only for NetBSD?

is the problem netbsd-specific?


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