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prep (and bebox) xserver support

Hi! all,

I supported xserver for bebox and prep of last year.  It is very old
though this exists as a patch now.

And, I am trying the build of xserver again at present for bebox and
prep at current.

Some problems exist though I think that I want to merge these.  I do
not know the operational rule of xsrc at all.  Who can advise me?

1. Some PReP mounts S3 864 onboard with GENDAC.
   In a word, s3_GENDAC.c is necessary. I take the source from old
   xfree86.  Do we mentenance this implementing only by us? Or, is it
   asked for to Xorg for merging, and is it taken?

2. Present S3Probe seems not to operate correctly.  Should I repair
   S3PciChipsets?  Or, should I implement PciProbe()?
   And, should I manage the correction only for NetBSD?


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