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Re: What X11 for Intel G45?


I have the problem regarding Xinerama under ThinkpadT61. I use NetBSD 5 and
current pkgsrc. Unfortunately when I set up the Xinerama I cannot get the
Xorg working- I got only error. I removed DRI support from within xorg.conf
as within DRI it does not work either.

Does anyone get this working?



On Thu, May 7, 2009 at 9:43 PM, Christos Zoulas <> 

> On May 7,  2:24pm, ("Jeremy C. Reed") wrote:
> -- Subject: What X11 for Intel G45?
> | I cc'd because I saw note about committed support the Intel G45 AGP.
> |
> | What are you using for X11 for Intel G45?
> |
> I think i use 2.6.3 with xorg. I had to update another library for it to
> work
> but unfortunately my home network seems to be down right now and I cannot
> check what exactly. I had to also turn off something in my config file to
> make it work reliably (something that had to do with xaa?)
> christos

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