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Re: X11 per machine_arch not per port (Was: Moving ports across to X11R7)

On Sun, 8 Feb 2009, Michael wrote:

        Is moving to X11R7 a good time to make X11 sharable per
        machine_arch rather than per port?

        At the moment only amd64, i386, macppc, shark, & sparc64 have
        moved across, so...

Should work for the client stuff at least. The only incompatibility I can think of right now is the way we mmap (PCI) IO space on powerpc and shark - by picking a magic address range which isn't used by any PCI device, on macppc it's 0xf2000000 ( traditionally the 1st PCI bridge's IO range ), prep and ofppc use different values, they're currently #defined in sys/params.h so there are no magic values or #ifdefs in the Xserver. We could just add an ioctl so the Xserver can ask the kernel where it would find IO space, that would take a few clock cycles more during setup but the result would be the same and Xservers would be compatible across $MACHINE_ARCH.

        Is there any sense in adding it to the information exported by
        /dev/fb? (I expect "no" is the answer here, but just checking).

        Having the kernel report the value definitely seems the cleanest
        option - it would allow new ports to just use an existing Xwsfb
        without needing to rebuild anything on the X side.

        Another option might be to provide it via a machdep sysctl value?

                David/absolute       -- No hype required --

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