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Joel Carnat wrote:

I've seen the pkgsrc option when I was using pkgsrc's Xorg.
Now that netbsd-5 ships with Xorg, I'm trying to use the native one rather
than pkgsrc.

Sure, I just meant I've always used TT_CONFIG_OPTION_BYTECODE_INTERPRETER
in conjunction with TrueType fonts, as well, to get the desired effect.
But I'm not an expert on this, I just enable anything that suggests it
can get me nicer-looking text.

I've completed the Xorg recompiling with ftoption.h and gnome/gtk still
doesn't look like ubuntu's version. I'm recompiling the whole
meta-pkg/gnome to check if it's different with the new/modified ftoption.h
and Xorg librairies.

(I couldn't tell you offhand how to get fonts to look how Ubuntu's do,
I've never used Ubuntu.  I'd think the first question is which fonts do
they use specifically.)

Is there a way to know if GTK is rendering using SUBPIXEL_RENDERING other
that the eyes ? What kind of debug information can I get, and how ? :)

I'm activating subpixel rendering from the gnome appearance preferences
dialog box and selecting "Subpixel smoothing (LCDs)". I've identified the
following parameters that could impact the rendering:
- Xorg server (autodetected) dpi
- Xft.* parameters
- /etc/fonts configuration files
- fonts names and directories
Is there something else missing that I should look at ?

This (might be a bit out of date) is what I've used in the past as my



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