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Le Ven 28 novembre 2008 1:13, David H. Gutteridge a écrit :
>>I've completed the Xorg recompiling with ftoption.h and gnome/gtk still
>>doesn't look like ubuntu's version. I'm recompiling the whole
>>meta-pkg/gnome to check if it's different with the new/modified
>> ftoption.h
>>and Xorg librairies.
> (I couldn't tell you offhand how to get fonts to look how Ubuntu's do,
> I've never used Ubuntu.  I'd think the first question is which fonts do
> they use specifically.)

Here's a comparison of what I get under NetBSD and Ubuntu:

It's not that much different.
But different enough, to my eye, to make the Ubuntu version really perfect.

I even copied /etc/fonts and every fonts from Ubuntu into NetBSD and
disabled every reference to native conf and fonts from NetBSD but it's not

The only thing I notice was that NetBSD has different family name for
"dejavu sans" (Condensed, Light) when Ubuntu doesn't - eventhough the
files are from Ubuntu...

>>Is there a way to know if GTK is rendering using SUBPIXEL_RENDERING other
>>that the eyes ? What kind of debug information can I get, and how ? :)
>>I'm activating subpixel rendering from the gnome appearance preferences
>>dialog box and selecting "Subpixel smoothing (LCDs)". I've identified the
>>following parameters that could impact the rendering:
>>- Xorg server (autodetected) dpi
>>- Xft.* parameters
>>- /etc/fonts configuration files
>>- fonts names and directories
>>Is there something else missing that I should look at ?
> This (might be a bit out of date) is what I've used in the past as my
> reference:

thanks, I (re)read it but there's nothing I didn't already tried :(


PS: maybe this thread belongs to current-users@ rather than tech-x11@ ?

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