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Le Jeu 27 novembre 2008 4:54, David H. Gutteridge a écrit :
> Joel CARNAT wrote:
>>I'm trying to get the nice (as far as I'm concern ;) GTK2 looking from
>>Ubuntu Linux interface. I think one of key to it, is using
>>FT_CONFIG_OPTION_SUBPIXEL_RENDERING. I found and uncommented it in
>>I've restarted X but GTK application still doesn't look like what I
>>I'm running netbsd-5/i386 from -daily binaries.
>>Does modifying ftoption.h parameters requires Xorg (re)compilation?
>>Does modifying ftoption.h parameters requires pkgsrc recompilation?
>>Or maybe, it's then just a matter of correct fontconfig configuration?
> ftoption.h is a C header file, so you'd need to recompile to get
> that option to apply.  There's another option you might want to use
> too, per this snippet from the pkgsrc version's make file:
> ###
> ### This builds freetype2 with the TrueType bytecode interpreter.  Note
> ### that there are important patent issues related to the use of the
> ### interpreter:
> ###
> ###
> ###
> .if !empty(PKG_OPTIONS:Mtruetype)
> .endif
> # subpixel (lcd) rendering, also patent issues
> .if !empty(PKG_OPTIONS:Msubpixel)
> .endif
> (I don't mean to confuse matters for you, if you're using the "native"
> [non-pkgsrc], as the path you reference above suggests, you don't
> need to worry about the pkgsrc version, I'm just pointing you at it to
> see the tweaks that are described there.)

I've seen the pkgsrc option when I was using pkgsrc's Xorg.
Now that netbsd-5 ships with Xorg, I'm trying to use the native one rather
than pkgsrc.

I've completed the Xorg recompiling with ftoption.h and gnome/gtk still
doesn't look like ubuntu's version. I'm recompiling the whole
meta-pkg/gnome to check if it's different with the new/modified ftoption.h
and Xorg librairies.

Is there a way to know if GTK is rendering using SUBPIXEL_RENDERING other
that the eyes ? What kind of debug information can I get, and how ? :)

I'm activating subpixel rendering from the gnome appearance preferences
dialog box and selecting "Subpixel smoothing (LCDs)". I've identified the
following parameters that could impact the rendering:
- Xorg server (autodetected) dpi
- Xft.* parameters
- /etc/fonts configuration files
- fonts names and directories
Is there something else missing that I should look at ?


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