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Joel CARNAT wrote:
I'm trying to get the nice (as far as I'm concern ;) GTK2 looking from
Ubuntu Linux interface. I think one of key to it, is using
FT_CONFIG_OPTION_SUBPIXEL_RENDERING. I found and uncommented it in

I've restarted X but GTK application still doesn't look like what I

I'm running netbsd-5/i386 from -daily binaries.

Does modifying ftoption.h parameters requires Xorg (re)compilation?
Does modifying ftoption.h parameters requires pkgsrc recompilation?
Or maybe, it's then just a matter of correct fontconfig configuration?

ftoption.h is a C header file, so you'd need to recompile to get
that option to apply.  There's another option you might want to use
too, per this snippet from the pkgsrc version's make file:

### This builds freetype2 with the TrueType bytecode interpreter.  Note
### that there are important patent issues related to the use of the
### interpreter:
.if !empty(PKG_OPTIONS:Mtruetype)

# subpixel (lcd) rendering, also patent issues
.if !empty(PKG_OPTIONS:Msubpixel)

(I don't mean to confuse matters for you, if you're using the "native"
[non-pkgsrc], as the path you reference above suggests, you don't
need to worry about the pkgsrc version, I'm just pointing you at it to
see the tweaks that are described there.)



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