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Re: Xorg / video-intel 2.2.0 drm question

Hi Blair!

Happy to hear from you, I thought you had ended in a Kerr singularity ;)

I'm not sure what to make of the modeline issue--although I've been
working on pkgsrc all day so maybe I'm just not thinking straight. ;)

That's just strange. But anyhow, it is neither fatal nor annoying, since X picks up anyway the highest resolution available, which is precisely the behavior I want.

Which dri driver are you using with X, i915 or i915tex?  I'm not sure
if the latter will work properly ...

i915. At least I think. I use the dri code provided with the kernel, with one modification: I added the G33 chip to the list

Aside from that, if you could send me your Xorg log (and drm debug log
if its interesting), perhaps I could be of more help.  I'm learning
more as time goes on, but I must admit I do not have the ioctl codes
memorized. ;)

You wouldn't learn much more. It just says:
[drm:pid366:drm_ioctl] Bad driver ioctl number, 0x11 (of 0xf)

And then, nothing happens: the dri closes.


PS: still interested by some help on the dri kernel implementation?

PPS: last thing. When, on my laptop (which has the radeon dri working fine) I probe with glxinfo, I get this:

% glxinfo
name of display: :0.0
display: :0  screen: 0
direct rendering: No (LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT set)

Normal? Or should I disable LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT somewhere?

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