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Re: Addition of ppoll(2), a wrapper around pollts(2)

On Tue, May 26, 2020 at 01:37:41AM +0200, Kamil Rytarowski wrote:
> I agree here with Joerg.
> At this point it's good to just add a wrapper as in the proposed patch.
> Once we will bump libc major, we can rename the syscall and remove
> pollts references.
> Weak alias would still be nicer, but it might be not worth the
> complexity of tweaking the syscall stab code generation.
> I think it's good to test t_pollts and t_ppoll as in theory they are
> different APIs. Long term t_pollts can be removed, after libc major bump.

I don't think it is that complex, see the already existing

 * WSYSCALL(weak,strong) is like RSYSCALL(weak), except that weak is
 * a weak internal alias for the strong symbol.

(which is of course used for something totaly different right now, but
should work for this case too) and probably all it would take is a
special clause in lib/libc/sys/

I would 

 - rename the syscall
 - either make an alias for the old name or use a wrapper as suggested (but
   the other way around)
 - check if there is a good place for a SYS_... define and add that as
   an alias for syscall(2)
 - rename the uses in the test case (just like the syscal has been renamed)
 - add an entry in the libc TODO file for the mythical bump


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