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Re: Addition of ppoll(2), a wrapper around pollts(2)

On Mon, May 25, 2020 at 12:20:53PM +0530, Apurva Nandan wrote:
> The problem with __weak_alias is that they only work inside the same C file
> where the original symbol is defined, and don't work outside that file for
> that symbol.

That is not true.

> I have created _ppoll internal function in libc, so it is added to
> namespace.h .

But why? It is not used in libc, so no need to play namespace games.

> I have just created a macro that replace pollts(2) with
> ppoll(2) in already written test t_pollts of ATF (I have also split t_poll
> into t_poll and t_pollts).

I don't see why any of that would be needed.


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