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RE: Suggestion: add a "no-stemming" option to apropos(1)?

On Thu, 8 Jun 017, Paul Goyette wrote:
>Getting closer.  When the original match was in the context info, the
output is fine.
>But if the original match was in the title line, the output from
>	grep -B2
>includes context info from some previous match whether or not it contains
the actual 'lfs' string.
>> This suggests that the "no stem" option could be implemented in man as 
>> a post-process, after the query, with negligible loss of efficiency.

Grep is a blunt instrument... My real point was at the end: I reckon it's an
easy bit of C code to do the filter inside 'man', and then get exactly what
you want.  

In other words:  keep the indexing scheme the same and just post-process
inside man to discard the extra matches.  There is basically no reason to
try to make this more efficient; the index has already done the heavy

Best regards,

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