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RE: Suggestion: add a "no-stemming" option to apropos(1)?

On Thu, 8 Jun 017, Paul Goyette wrote:
> PG>	Don't get me wrong, I love apropos(1).  But...
> PG>	I'm continually bitten by the "stemming" that occurs. [...]
> > So am I.  I completely switched over from "man -k" to an alias 
> > effecting "apropos -l" ("legacy"-mode):
>legacy mode is close, but it doesn't print the "context" information (and,
if you use "apropos -l -m" you still don't get context info, but you do get
extra blank lines).

How about 
	man -k lfs | grep -B2 '\<lfs'

Loses some of the nice formatting, but seems to do what is needed. 

This suggests that the "no stem" option could be implemented in man as a
post-process, after the query, with negligible loss of efficiency.


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