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Re: Suggestion: add a "no-stemming" option to apropos(1)?

PG>	Don't get me wrong, I love apropos(1).  But...
PG>	I'm continually bitten by the "stemming" that occurs. [...]

So am I.  I completely switched over from "man -k" to an alias
effecting "apropos -l" ("legacy"-mode):

% apropos -l lfs
lfs_segwait(2) - wait until a segment is written
lfs_markv(2) - rewrite disk blocks to new disk locations
lfs_bmapv(2) - retrieve disk addresses for arrays of blocks
lfs_segclean(2) - mark a segment clean
rump_lfs(8) - mount a lfs image with a userspace server
resize_lfs(8) - resize a mounted log-structured filesystem
newfs_lfs(8) - construct a new LFS file system
mount_sysctlfs(8) - mount sysctl namespace as a directory hierarchy
mount_nilfs(8) - mount a NILFS file system
mount_lfs(8) - mount a log-structured file system
lfs_cleanerd(8) - garbage collect a log-structured file system
hlfsd(8) - home-link file system daemon
fsck_lfs(8) - Log-structured File System consistency check and interactive repair
dumplfs(8) - dump file system information
dump_lfs(8) - filesystem backup

(This is with netbsd7;  with 6, apropos -C was fine, too.)


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