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Re: Xlocale for NetBSD

On 4/25/17 20:08, SODA Noriyuki wrote:
* No compatibility support; e.g. existing test binaries crash
This means it has an ABI compatiblity problem, doesn't it?
Worse than that---in the current diff, there is no compatibility layer at all, the problem manifests as missing symbols. I've thought that it probably makes sense to keep the citrus code as a whole for compatibility reasons, but I haven't looked into that yet. I feel obliged to stress that the patch I'm presenting is not intended to be complete, but only suitable for forming a branch.
How about merging both current citrus staff and the xlocale staff?
  * merge the LC_COLLATE staff to the citrus framework.
  * merge the localedef(1) staff to the citrus framework.
  * add the per-thread APIs.
localedef(1) shouldn't be that hard, and the per-thread API is probably doable. It wasn't immediately clear to me, though, how to "merge in" LC_COLLATE support, it seemed more straightforward to take everything---and it was only when I had it already working and was trying to reconcile it with the tests when I realized that CLDR's ISO2022 codemap was broken.

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