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Re: Xlocale for NetBSD

>>>>> On Tue, 25 Apr 2017 17:45:14 -0700,
	Konrad Schroder <> said:

> The benefits of adopting xlocale would be:
>   * Per-thread locale settings
>   * Working LC_COLLATE settings
>   * Use localedef(1) instead of mklocale(1), which allows...
>   * Take locale definitions directly from CLDR

These are all great.

> but, at least at the moment, has these drawbacks:
>   * No ISO2022 codemap


> * No compatibility support; e.g. existing test binaries crash

This means it has an ABI compatiblity problem, doesn't it?

> Thoughts?

How about merging both current citrus staff and the xlocale staff?
 * merge the LC_COLLATE staff to the citrus framework.
 * merge the localedef(1) staff to the citrus framework.
 * add the per-thread APIs.

> The current diffs are available at

I'll look at this.

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