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Re: Changing disk image boot options without root privileges

In article <>,
Andreas Gustafsson  <> wrote:
>Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
>> - prepare "serial console liveimage option" to by
>>  - using INSTALLBOOTOPTIONS (see distrib/common/bootimage/Makefile.bootimage)
>>  - special boot.cfg(5) to set consdev=com0
>I'd like to avoid building special images for testing, because that
>would mean the image being tested is not the same image that is being
>shipped.  Not that we actually ship the live images in releases
>currently, but we should, and if or when we do, I would like to be
>able to test those, too.
>> or
>> - add an "partition offset" option to installboot(8) like makefs(8)'s -O
>That's not very user friendly but I think it would work.  If no one
>comes up with a way to do it using existing tools, I might add that.

Yes, I think that should be easy enough. Isn't there a way for installboot
to find the offset itself?


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