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Re: Changing disk image boot options without root privileges

Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
> - prepare "serial console liveimage option" to by
>  - using INSTALLBOOTOPTIONS (see distrib/common/bootimage/Makefile.bootimage)
>  - special boot.cfg(5) to set consdev=com0

I'd like to avoid building special images for testing, because that
would mean the image being tested is not the same image that is being
shipped.  Not that we actually ship the live images in releases
currently, but we should, and if or when we do, I would like to be
able to test those, too.

> or
> - add an "partition offset" option to installboot(8) like makefs(8)'s -O

That's not very user friendly but I think it would work.  If no one
comes up with a way to do it using existing tools, I might add that.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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