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Re: Changing disk image boot options without root privileges

I played around with rump a bit and the following seems to work:

  export RUMP_SERVER=unix:///tmp/installboot_rumpserv
  offset=$(disklabel $img | awk '/ a:/ { print $3 }')
  size=$(disklabel $img | awk '/ a:/ { print $2 }')
  rump_server -lrumpvfs -lrumpdev -lrumpdev_disk -d key=/rdk0a,hostpath=$img,offset=${offset}b,size=${size}b,type=chr $RUMP_SERVER
  LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ RUMPHIJACK=path=/rump installboot -e -o console=com0 /rump/rdk0a

It ought to be possible to pass "disklabel=a" to rump_server instead
of figuring out the partition offset and size and passing
"offset=${offset}b,size=${size}b", but that doesn't currently work,
presumably because rump_server only searches for a disklabel in the
first 64 k of the disk but the default partition offset is now 1 M.
This also means the cgd example in the rump tutorial at no longer works.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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