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Re: Making syslog output pretty and smaller binaries

> what is stdout actually for then.
I guess the usual distinction is that stdout gets the "proper" output
of a non-sink program (e.g. for ls(1) the actual directory listing,
while diagnostic information (ls: foo: Permission denied) goes
to stderr for the user to look at, and to not have it creep up a pipeline.

> [...] we may want an informative message such as
> `leased for 3600 seconds` to be on stdout.
If using the DHCP client in a one-shot mode (dhc{pcd,lient} -1), yes, it
wouldn't exactly hurt if it printed the resulting lease info to stdout.

Whether "leased for 3600 seconds" would be preferrable over e.g. 
"\t3600", I don't know.  The latter is marginally easier to parse,
the former is more useful if there is no next stage of a pipeline.


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