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Re: Making syslog output pretty and smaller binaries

On 07/10/2016 00:36, Roy Marples wrote:
> On 2016-10-06 18:25, Timo Buhrmester wrote:
>>>    LOG_POUT  - output only the formattted message to stdout
>>>                if pri > LOG_ERR, otherwise stderr
>> Writing diagnostics to stdout sounds very wrong, I wouldn't want
>> any program to do that.  What for?
> Well, some programs write informative output to stdout.
> A good example would be the address a DHCP client has acquired.
> While we may want each part of the DHCP setup to goto stdout, do we want
> all of it to? We do want it logged for sure.

Sorry, I meant to say while we may want each part of the DHCP setup to
goto stderr (such as `sending REQUEST (xid 0xdeadbeef), next in 3.4
seconds` we may want an informative message such as
`leased for 3600 seconds` to be on stdout.

But I can be swayed on this also if the concensous is that this is a bug
and all output like this should be on stderr .... which does lead me to
ask what is stdout actually for then.


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