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Re: refine of the GSOC project

In article <>,
Charles Cui  <> wrote:
>Thanks guys for all your advices! I will try the methods proposed by
>you guys and let you know once I have new results.
>Right now, my way (install kernel and userland together) works (It
>takes kernel and libc updates and generate expected results.)  This is
>the updated list (much shorter than before) that I need to contribute
>to. I have make an annotation for each feature. (freebsd) means
>freebsd implements it, but we did not. (linux) means freebsd and
>netbsd do not implement, but linux implements.

Looks good. I would create either 2 lists or a table with 3 columns.
These I presume are the failed to compile tests because of the missing
features. It would be good to also have the failed to run tests (the
ones where the feature is implemented but does not behave as the standards
mandate). Can you please compile that too?



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