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Re: honor to join NetBSD community

Some updates about the GUI experiments on netbsd.
I tried several ways of GUI provided by netbsd, (including xwindow,
xdm, xfce4, gnome and kde)
At first, i run xwindow and xdm successfully, but the experience of
using them seems kind of raw.
then I tried gnome and kde4, they have some problems in installing
(installing package by pkg_add or
pkgin reports packages cannot be found, and making them from sources
generates several errors.),
finally I switched to xfce4, which provides similar gui with gnome and
kde, and has better
experience than xwindows and xdm, now I can edit some files easily in GUI.
I have attached a picture of my laptop, which runs netbsd in xfce4 in

2016-04-28 10:23 GMT-07:00 Charles Cui <>:
> thanks guys for all your advices! Those are really helpful.
> I will try to find a way that works for me best. Will consult and
> discuss with you guys when having new problems.
> Thanks Charles.
> 2016-04-28 8:31 GMT-07:00 Joerg Sonnenberger <>:
>> On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 06:11:28PM -0700, Charles Cui wrote:
>>> 1. I noticed that netbsd community use CVS for version control, I am
>>> familiar with git, and can learn CVS. Also I noticed that there are
>>> actually git repo at github which hosts the netbsd source code, and
>>> seems there is an automatic transfer when one pushes to
>>> CVS repo. I am wondering what's the prefer way to add code, CVS,
>>> git(send pull request to github) or patch.
>> Pull requests against the /jsonn/src tree (just like /jsonn/pkgsrc) are
>> very likely to be just ignored. As such, the normal way to contribute is
>> via patches.
>> One note of warning: due to the nature of the conversion process,
>> sometimes hickups occur and there is a forced commit to trunk or one of
>> the other branches, depending on when/what changed. This can be somewhat
>> painful to deal with, so be warned.
>> Joerg

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