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Re: honor to join NetBSD community

Hi guys,

   Right now I can build a customized NetBSD kernel + userland from sources.
The document is pretty clear and I got it by following those steps.
However, in terms
of the working environments, I have 3 specific questions to ask.
1. I noticed that netbsd community use CVS for version control, I am
familiar with git,
and can learn CVS. Also I noticed that there are actually git repo at
github which hosts
the netbsd source code, and seems there is an automatic transfer when
one pushes to
CVS repo. I am wondering what's the prefer way to add code, CVS,
git(send pull request
to github) or patch.
2. How do you work in netbsd, do you use GUI (like xwindow, or gnome)?
If so, which
do you recommend? I installed Xwindows several times, but seems have
some problems.
3. What tools do you use to view kernel code? do you use IDE or just
Actually, it is hard to look the code, jump to the declaration or
usages because netbsd
has a huge code base. I am looking for a way to work efficiently with
netbsd, your
best practices would be helpful.

Thanks, Charles

2016-04-25 9:39 GMT-07:00 Charles Cui <>:
> Thanks guys, I will follow the link to complete the task as soon as possible.
> Thanks, Charles.
> 2016-04-25 9:34 GMT-07:00 Christos Zoulas <>:
>> On Apr 24,  1:00pm, (Charles Cui) wrote:
>> -- Subject: honor to join NetBSD community
>> | Hi Christos and NetBSD community,
>> |
>> |      Thanks for selecting me for GSOC this year. It 's my honor to join NetBSD
>> | community and contribute my code! I will try my best to complete the task.
>> | In terms of work needs to be done in the current stage
>> | (community communications), I think I can start to prepare kinds of
>> | things for coding, including to be familiar with code base of the
>> | benchmark and netbsd kernel(related parts), and programming tools.
>> | Does this sounds good? Another thing is my mentor
>> | for this project, mentors listed in the website are crispytoast and
>> | martin, while I contacted mainly with christos previously. Can I have
>> | the email addresses for
>> | my mentors (so that it is easy to consult their advices)?
>> Hi Charles,
>> Congratulations on being selected. Our email addresses are:
>> The first thing to do would be to build NetBSD-current from sources
>> either on bare metal or on a virtual machine and run it. Here's a wiki
>> page on how to do that:
>> Please let us know if you need help on that!
>> christos

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