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Re: honor to join NetBSD community

On Apr 27,  6:11pm, (Charles Cui) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: honor to join NetBSD community

| Hi guys,
|    Right now I can build a customized NetBSD kernel + userland from sources.
| The document is pretty clear and I got it by following those steps.
| However, in terms
| of the working environments, I have 3 specific questions to ask.
| 1. I noticed that netbsd community use CVS for version control, I am
| familiar with git,
| and can learn CVS. Also I noticed that there are actually git repo at
| github which hosts
| the netbsd source code, and seems there is an automatic transfer when
| one pushes to
| CVS repo. I am wondering what's the prefer way to add code, CVS,
| git(send pull request
| to github) or patch.

Whatever you like; it is fine to use git on github; makes things easier.
CVS is really easy; it has few commands compared to git.

| 2. How do you work in netbsd, do you use GUI (like xwindow, or gnome)?
| If so, which
| do you recommend? I installed Xwindows several times, but seems have
| some problems.

It depends. Right now I am typing on OS/X using Xquartz connected to a
NetBSD box via ssh a few miles away. I run X on NetBSD too, but my NetBSD
laptop is old and heavy and runs hot :-)

| 3. What tools do you use to view kernel code? do you use IDE or just
| vim(emacs)?

I use nvi but also 

| Actually, it is hard to look the code, jump to the declaration or
| usages because netbsd
| has a huge code base. I am looking for a way to work efficiently with
| netbsd, your
| best practices would be helpful.

nxr works well to find things.


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