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Re: Web UI for NPF as a GSoC project

> On Mar 13, 2016, at 5:24 PM, Kamil Rytarowski <> wrote:
> I propose to start with a webui plugin (bozohttp works with
> plugin-like approach) for blacklistd, once finished add a more
> advanced one for npf(7).
> An example of a Lua plugin is is located here:
> src/libexec/httpd/printenv.lua

I mostly agree with this approach.  I think that a documented, unit-tested 
HTTP API (RESTlike or otherwise) on top of NPF would be a good foundation 
so that the front-end(s) can be decoupled from the NPF functionality and 
possibly live in pkgsrc, with the versioned HTTP API living in src.

Personally that’s how I’d approach it, front-end framework dependencies can 
get really crazy really quick. Some front-end frameworks require Node.js and 
Ruby for example.

There’s also the question of how authentication and authorization would work.

Just my thoughts and general curiosity!
Travis P

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