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Web UI for NPF as a GSoC project


You may know from pkgsrc-wip, and making a lot of noise^Wbug reports.
I'm a long time NetBSD user and a somewhat experienced web developer,
and also an electrical engineering student.

I've got a plan for the aforementioned project.

I plan to implement it using Lua and bozohttpd, given that they're
available in base and fairly portable.

Rough timetable:

First 1-3 weeks:
- Survey several users of alternatives on the pros and cons of the
  products and their use
- Play around with the alternatives and npf
- Learn how to make websites with Lua

At the end of which, I hope to have a list of features labeled "need,
want, good to have".

- Implement support for all the features marked "need"
- Plan a design for the above.

It's very minimal and meant to ensure I will certainly have a working
product at the end of the project.

Any additional time:
- Implement a good amount of the "want" features
- Re-design the website, probably.

Additional additional time:
- Implement "good to have" features
- Translate the website to my native language, mostly to ensure it is not too
  challenging to produce translations.
- Add support for extensions, and write one extension, whatever is
  popular for pfSense.
- Redesign again, because nobody is ever happy

Nobody signed up for mentoring this project, so I'll clarify what I want
of a mentor:
- Absolutely no need for knowledge with web development, UI designs, or Lua.
- Someone who has used the alternatives and plans to use this one.
- Someone that knows the feature list of npf and other things.
- Bounce ideas back and forth about designs.

That is because, while I'm confident with web development, I've never
used a packet filter or npf.

Not fixed on this plan at all, willing to change any part given it is
done at the beginning.

Thanks for reading!

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