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Re: Google summer code 2016 project ideas

Hi Christos,

   My current focus is to classify the errors when building posix test
suite on netbsd.
Basically, there is
1. easy to fix error, likes formatting, lack of necessary headers, etc.
2. errors that can convert to netbsd implementation. Some systems (ex linux)
actually define the same function name with netbsd, but they may have
different parameters.
3. netbsd miss the implementation of some features.

Problem 1 and 2 can be solved by some kind of converting and minor fixes.
For problem 3, which needs the implementation in kernel, or libraries,
can we use the implementation of existing system (like linux) and
tailor to fit netbsd?

Thanks, Charles

2016-03-10 9:48 GMT-08:00 Charles Cui <>:
> Thanks for your input, I will give up this method.
> Charles.
> 2016-03-09 20:08 GMT-08:00 Christos Zoulas <>:
>> On Mar 9,  7:16pm, (Charles Cui) wrote:
>> -- Subject: Re: Google summer code 2016 project ideas
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>> |
>> | Hi Christos and community,
>> |
>> | One question about cross compiling netbsd program on Linux.
>> | I found one post about building netbsd kernel on linux, (
>> |
>> | So, is there easy way to build user level programs instead of kernel?
>> | I have not dig into the building script, but my initial thought is to
>> build
>> | the cross compiler first,
>> | if the cross compiler tool set contains gmake on netbsd, can I just
>> build
>> | posix test suite by replacing the default make(the binary can
>> | then execute on netbsd)?
>> |
>> You can build everything using in /usr/src. This includes also
>> gmake which is built as a tool. Now to build the posix test suite on linux
>> targetting netbsd is more complicated because you have to use the NetBSD
>> toolchain so you need to add stuff to the Makefiles to do that. It is not
>> really useful, since you need NetBSD anyway to run the tests.
>> christos

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