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Re: Google summer code 2016 project ideas

Hi Christos and community,

One question about cross compiling netbsd program on Linux.
I found one post about building netbsd kernel on linux, (
So, is there easy way to build user level programs instead of kernel?
I have not dig into the building script, but my initial thought is to build
the cross compiler first,
if the cross compiler tool set contains gmake on netbsd, can I just build
posix test suite by replacing the default make(the binary can
then execute on netbsd)?

Thanks, Charles.

2016-03-09 13:21 GMT-08:00 Charles Cui <>:

> Sure, I will focus on easy ones, and will notify you once I have updates.
> 2016-03-09 12:21 GMT-08:00 Christos Zoulas <>:
>> On Mar 9, 11:02am, (Charles Cui) wrote:
>> -- Subject: Re: Google summer code 2016 project ideas
>> | Hi Christos,
>> |
>> |    it turns out I forget to issue make clean before making the project.
>> | Now I can see a lot of PASS in the log. But there are still some
>> compiling
>> | errors,
>> | Should we focus on this first?
>> Some of them are hard to fix (require kernel changes). Others (using
>> variables that hide #defines) are easy. I would focus on the easy ones
>> first. If you want, you can send me diffs...
>> christos

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