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Re: Two improvements to etcupdate(8)

Le 2016-02-03 18:48, Edgar Fuß a écrit :
postinstall does not propose the admin to merge, [...]
Sorry, I didn't mean ``I don't get the difference between etcupdate and
postinstall''. I meant ``I don't get the difference between `an admin that
updates the system' and `dev that updates etc/ because the OS evolved'.

Most people on these lists are skilled devs as well as admins, so, indeed, the difference is minimal :)

At $DAYJOB they make a distinction between the "operations" and the product/system "developers".

Taking postinstall/etcupdate as an example, if anything goes wrong during the postinstall phase upon update (say: deploying a new service), admins would contact the postinstall developer to come fix the issue as he wrote the update/check/fix code. This is what I call "dev that updates etc/ because the OS evolved." Although admins are the ones that trigger the update, that part of the update operation is done through the script written down by the dev, admins consider the developer in charge of the evolution there.

At etcupdate phase, "admins" are in charge of the modifications through the tool, so they install/merge files "manually" with it. They are in charge of that part (and not the product dev anymore).

There are places where writing down shell scripts is considered a developer role rather than an admin one (yes, sadly). I hope that it makes everything clearer.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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