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Re: Two improvements to etcupdate(8)

> Does it not collide with the "postinstall fix" operation? I thought
> postinstall's purpose was to handle all kind of operations that
> could be "automatically" solved (and log those that required manual
> intervention), and use etcupdate to handle the m/d/i of specific
> files (passwd and the like?)
I don't think so. man postinstall says (under ``fix''):
	Conflicts between existing files in the target file system
	and new files from the NetBSD distribution are resolved by
	replacing the existing file with the new file; there is no
	attempt to merge the files.  See etcupdate(8) for an
	alternative update method that is able to merge files.
How should postinstall know about whether a file contains local modifications?
It dosn't have any checksums of former NetBSD's etc files, does it?

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