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Re: GSoC ATF test results statistics project

On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 1:27 PM, Jean-Baptiste Boric
<> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I saw on the NetBSD blog a proposal for a Google Summer of Code project
> to create a ATF test results statistics page. I'm interested by the
> project and thought I'd ask here first before applying for it.
> I took a look at a ATF raw XML output, it looks simple enough (a test
> result report has a number of tests, each test has a number of subtests,
> with metadata at every layer). I do have a question : what languages
> would be accepted for the import tool? Personally I'd use Python for
> that kind of job (or at least prototype an import tool with it), but
> what would be the requirements of that tool?
> About the web site : I looked at the existing interface and it seems
> nice enough for a static dump, but the existing XSLT method will of
> course not suffice for the project. Again, is there a preference for a
> specific language/frameworks? I mostly studied PHP in my university for
> server-side web coding.
> Now about me : I'm a French student at ENSIMAG (computer sciences
> engineering school), and I mostly hack stuff on computers/electronics on
> the side for fun. My one notable open-source project contribution so far
> is a rewritten ISO 9660 with Rock Ridge extensions file system server
> for Minix about six months ago.
> I took interest in NetBSD when I learned that GCC finally incorporated
> R5900 processor support mainline, saw a derelict NetBSD PlayStation 2
> port and thought "how hard can resurrecting ports be anyway?". The long
> story is available at the port-playstation2 mailing list.
> I haven't participated in GSoC before, but I think this project is a
> good opportunity to dust off my web coding skills and have fun during
> the summer :-)

Hey.  Unfortunately NetBSD was not selected as a mentoring
organization for GSoC this year.

If you are still interesting and willing to work on this project then
I'm sure it would be appreciated/fun.

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