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GSoC ATF test results statistics project

Hi all,

I saw on the NetBSD blog a proposal for a Google Summer of Code project
to create a ATF test results statistics page. I'm interested by the
project and thought I'd ask here first before applying for it.

I took a look at a ATF raw XML output, it looks simple enough (a test
result report has a number of tests, each test has a number of subtests,
with metadata at every layer). I do have a question : what languages
would be accepted for the import tool? Personally I'd use Python for
that kind of job (or at least prototype an import tool with it), but
what would be the requirements of that tool?

About the web site : I looked at the existing interface and it seems
nice enough for a static dump, but the existing XSLT method will of
course not suffice for the project. Again, is there a preference for a
specific language/frameworks? I mostly studied PHP in my university for
server-side web coding.

Now about me : I'm a French student at ENSIMAG (computer sciences
engineering school), and I mostly hack stuff on computers/electronics on
the side for fun. My one notable open-source project contribution so far
is a rewritten ISO 9660 with Rock Ridge extensions file system server
for Minix about six months ago.

I took interest in NetBSD when I learned that GCC finally incorporated
R5900 processor support mainline, saw a derelict NetBSD PlayStation 2
port and thought "how hard can resurrecting ports be anyway?". The long
story is available at the port-playstation2 mailing list.

I haven't participated in GSoC before, but I think this project is a
good opportunity to dust off my web coding skills and have fun during
the summer :-)

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