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Re: Disable texinfo by default?

Greg Troxel wrote:
> Greg Troxel <> writes:
> > In general, it's starting to feel like there are more random proposals
> > to delete things that don't address the overall cost/benefit.
> I'm sorry if this came across as suggesting that Kamil is in some way a
> major proponent of deletions; he's of course contributed a lot.  My
> comment was meant to be about the broad NetBSD/pkgsrc ecosystem, where I
> have found myself over the last few years repeatedly questioning emails
> From a variety of people that propose deletions of various things.  A
> large part of the issue is that our community has people that are
> particularly security conscious and tend to upgrade quickly, and also
> people that run (perhaps many) systems in production and tend to stay on
> older stable code for longer.  Both approaches are reasonable, and my
> point is really that what some see as crufty are things that others
> still rely on.

Thank you Greg.

My proposition (as long as we use GNU tool-chain) should be asked upstream,
to offer an alternative to texinfo source of documentation. I confirm that
there are good legacy pages in this format, even they come (at least to my
impression) from '90, like the documentation on a great AWK implementation,
called mawk (after years of being orphaned, it succeed to replace GAWK in

Keep tuned.

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