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Disable texinfo by default?


The GNU tool-chain ships with a documentation in the info
format. info is kind of a predecessor of html, something
between man(1) and www resources.

./ ships with the MKINFO swap
Can be set to ``yes'' or ``no''.  Indicates whether GNU Info
files, used for the documentation for most of the compilation
tools, will be created and installed during a build.

Default: ``yes''

Nowadays info is mostly replaced by quality man (with an
option of htmlized man-pages with working links and styles)
and by web resources sensu largo. There are discussions in
the core GNU poject Emacs about migration from info to
something else, with (according to ESR) approval from RMS.

My proposition is to turn MKINFO by default to no for NetBSD 8+.

Any comments?

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