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Re: Disable texinfo by default?

Greg Troxel <> writes:

> In general, it's starting to feel like there are more random proposals
> to delete things that don't address the overall cost/benefit.

I'm sorry if this came across as suggesting that Kamil is in some way a
major proponent of deletions; he's of course contributed a lot.  My
comment was meant to be about the broad NetBSD/pkgsrc ecosystem, where I
have found myself over the last few years repeatedly questioning emails
From a variety of people that propose deletions of various things.  A
large part of the issue is that our community has people that are
particularly security conscious and tend to upgrade quickly, and also
people that run (perhaps many) systems in production and tend to stay on
older stable code for longer.  Both approaches are reasonable, and my
point is really that what some see as crufty are things that others
still rely on.

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