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Re: gpt's -s parameter

At 21:58 Uhr -0800 25.11.2013, John Nemeth wrote:
>     gpt(8) doesn't particularly concern itself with disk layout
>or partition alignment.  That's for the user/caller to determine.

I respectfully disagree - whipping out the pocket calculator for
partitioning is too 20th century for my liking, given all this unused raw
computing power right in front of me.  :)

>However, the "add" subcommand does take a "-a <N>" option now which
>will align the new partition to "<N>".  The new "resize" subcommand
>also takes a "-a <N>" option which will make the partition a multiple
>of "<N>".  If the start of the partition was already aligned, this
>will keep it aligned.

This, on the other hand, will fit the bill nicely, thanks.

I think NetBSD partitioning (related) tools - fdisk, disklabel, gpt,
raidframe, lvm, zfs, what have you - should guarantee proper alignment,
without the sysadmin having to jump through fiery hoops with a HP16C
between their teeth.


"It's never straight up and down"     (DEVO)

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