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Re: gpt's -s parameter

On Thu, 21 Nov 2013, John Nemeth wrote:

One solution I've been considering is to introduce a new -S parameter that would take a size in terms of bytes, and would calculate the appropriate number of sectors based on the device's sector size. However, I'm wondering if having both -s and -S would cause confusion (the program wouldn't accept both).

It seems to me that having both -s(ectors) and -S(ize) would be a good solution, as long as the man page is clear on the distinction. Or maybe something like '-ss' for "size in sectors" vs. '-sb' for "size in bytes" would be even easier to remember.

Are you thinking of giving an explicit error message in case both are given? It might be nice to spell it out - something like "specify size in sectors or bytes, not both" perhaps.

(And for what it's worth, I would expect that passing '-s 1M' should still mean a sector count and not silently change the interpretation.)


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