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Re: gpt's -s parameter

On Nov 24,  5:30am, Magnus Eriksson wrote:
} On Thu, 21 Nov 2013, John Nemeth wrote:
} > One solution I've been considering is to introduce a new -S parameter 
} > that would take a size in terms of bytes, and would calculate the 
} > appropriate number of sectors based on the device's sector size. 
} > However, I'm wondering if having both -s and -S would cause confusion 
} > (the program wouldn't accept both).
} It seems to me that having both -s(ectors) and -S(ize) would be a good 
} solution, as long as the man page is clear on the distinction.  Or maybe 
} something like '-ss' for "size in sectors" vs. '-sb' for "size in bytes" 
} would be even easier to remember.

     I would rather not introduce multi-character options just for
this one thing.

} Are you thinking of giving an explicit error message in case both are 
} given?  It might be nice to spell it out - something like "specify size in 
} sectors or bytes, not both" perhaps.

     It would only allow one of the options to be specified.

} (And for what it's worth, I would expect that passing '-s 1M' should still 
} mean a sector count and not silently change the interpretation.)

     Somebody else in this thread has asked for this to happen.

}-- End of excerpt from Magnus Eriksson

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