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Re: gpt(8)'s FreeBSD code

On Nov 23,  4:32pm, Matt Thomas wrote:
} On Nov 23, 2013, at 3:02 PM, John Nemeth <> wrote:
} >     gpt(8) was originally ported from FreeBSD about seven years
} > ago.  Quite some time ago, FreeBSD deleted it from their repository
} > in favour of gpart (which is heavily linked to their GEOM).  I'm
} > wondering if there would be any major consternation if I were to
} > remove the FreeBSD code, as it would simplify maintenance and there
} > is no longer an upstream (i.e. it is strictly a NetBSD app now).
} > It would still retain the ability to recognise and create FreeBSD
} > specific partition types, it just wouldn't be compilable on FreeBSD.
} > I will do this on Tuesday, unless there are major objections before
} > then.
} Any consideration for making gpt a host tool working on file images only?

     gpt works fine on file images.  That's how I'm doing most of
my testing.  The latest bug fix was so that it correctly prints
error messages when working on file images.  I'll see about making
it into a host tool when the rest of the changes are done.  One
thing I will probably have to do is have it provide proper exit
codes.  Currently, the routines that do the actual work are declared
"static void" so the only indication of failure is the error message.

}-- End of excerpt from Matt Thomas

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