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Re: sysinst with Lua support

Am 03.11.13 16:02, schrieb Alan Barrett:
> On Sun, 03 Nov 2013, Marc Balmer wrote:
>> Indeed.  I just tried to build the atari port with Lua enabled, it
>> failes because of teh size.  So for now we could turn off Lua for
>> these ports, but we run into a big problem if sysinst one day requires
>> Lua.  So I think it is better to try to shrink sysinst already now, so
>> that it still fits on the install floppy.
> Some ports use a floppy format that allows the image to be split over
> many floppies.  The format is called ustarfs, and is based on a split
> tar archive.  Some of the code to build the floppies is in
> src/distrib/common/Makefile.tarfloppy.
> Those ports that do not already use Makefile.tarfloppy could be changed
> to do so.  The ports that already use Makefile.tarfloppy might need the
> number of floppies to be incremented.

Thanks for the clarification.  So the affected ports should eventually
be changed to this floppy format.  At the moment, the following ports
are affected:  atari, x68k.  Maybe more, I did not build all of them.  I
will probably send a word of warning to the maintainers of these ports,
so that they can look into this, in case this should ever get committed
(not today and not tomorrow...).

- Marc

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